Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Views and Reviews posted this great story about Freej Folklore, while The Kipp Report did a nice piece, too: "Remember Ali Baba, Sindbad and Aladdin and all those Arabian stories you heard as a child? Well, the show brings them all to life."

There are rave reviews in Emirates Business 24x7, "In a spectacular display of 3D special effects, combined with live-action and animation, audiences sat enraptured as they set sail with Sindbad on his voyage of discovery; followed in the footsteps of Arabian explorer Ibn Battuta; and wished upon a star with Aladdin and his genie."

And Abu Dhabi's The National called Folklore: "a pyrotechnic explosion of dance, light and sound."

But it's the reviews from people that have seen the show that have been really great to see. Blogger Aga in the UAE said: "the show was really fantastic. Music, dance, animation, acrobatics, special effects - all combined to create a really great theatrical experience."

We're glad you enjoyed it!!!

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